Storage solutions under development

Renewable energy generation is often inconsistent. Large-scale energy storage is required to provide solutions for continuous energy supply. SaltX´s innovation, built with nanocoated salt technology, is a circular thermal energy storage solution that provides peak shifting to energy grid providers, industrial and commercial customers.

Heat to Heat

Store excess heat
Two major advantages of storing energy thermochemically in salt is high energy density and the possibility to release heat at very high temperatures. It enables the industry to store excess heat energy that would otherwise be wasted. The energy can then be released when needed, increasing the overall energy efficiency of the plant.

Target markets
Industries that are well suited for the technology are; steel, glass, and ceramics, just to name a few.

Power to Power

EnerStore as a battery
SaltX thermochemical storage can be used as a large-scale electric battery. The technology is based on the Carnot Battery principle with one hot and one cold storage – connected to a heat pump and a heat engine.

The technology is competitive with lithium-ion battery installations in the large-scale segment, this is because of economies of scale, standard components in the system and the storage material itself.

Use cases
Coal-fired power plants are history, but they can play an important role in the renewable future. The retiring coal power plants could see a new life as large-scale storage, by reusing existing grid connections, turbomachinery, silos and other infrastructure.

Target markets
Utilities, cities, grid operators, wind & solar farms

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