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The Luleå pilot 2022

Together with Swedish northern partners Swerim, Luleå Energi and LuleKraft a 1MW pilot plant is being planned to be built in Luleå during 2021/22. 

The pilot plant will use the same technical platform as in the Stockholm pilot but instead of converting energy into heat or electricity, this plant will focus on converting residual gas/gas from a nearby industry.

The residual gas/heat can be stored and later be used for the industry or back to the district heating system. 

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Project status: Ongoing
Project partners: Swerim, LuleKraft, Luleå Energi
Application: Heat to Heat

The Stockholm pilot 2021

Following the construction and test runs in Berlin, SaltX has focused on improving and optimizing the technologies for charging and discharging thenanocoated salt.

SaltX develops a discharge reactor based on fluidized bed technology, to upscale the energy storage solution. It is built together with the global technology provider Sumitomo SHI FW.

SaltX has entered a partnership with the Australian company Calix Limited that develops pioneering technology for calcination processes. Together, the companies are now developing a charging reactor to optimize SaltX energy storage solution with new scalable technology.

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Read more about the charging collaboration

Project status: Ongoing
Project partners: Sumitomo SHI FW & Calix Limited
Application: Power to Steam

The Berlin pilot 2019

In 2019 SaltX developed a large-scale pilot plant at Vattenfall’s combined heat and power (CHP) plant in Berlin and the reactor technology was based on a ’’heated screw’’ design.

The energy storage unit stored excess (renewable) electricity and discharged it as heat directly into Berlin’s district heating network. This reduces the need for burning coal.

It has a discharging and charging capacity of 0.5 MW and a storage capacity of 10 MWh. The pilot proofed the concept in large scale and the next step is to optimize the technology.

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Have a look at our inauguration movie 

Project status: Deployed
Project partners: Vattenfall
Application: Power to Steam

The Stockholm pilot 2018

In 2018 SaltX developed its first 20 kW pilot that proved the concept of storing energy in nanocoated salt on a larger scale. It was a first test facility in the company’s path to upscaling of the energy storage technology. The components used were very similar to the Berlin plant that was built one year later.

Project status: Deployed
Application: Power to Steam