Our society must shift to sustainable energy.

 We have made it our mission to make it happen.


SaltX Technology is a Swedish renewable tech company that has set out to solve
the problems of renewable energy supply, demand and timing.
We believe that imagination and business mindset are two of the most important elements in innovation.

A purpose driven company.

Built upon the vision of a CO2 free future .

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A unique storage technology

SaltX  has developed nanocoated materials for 15 years and this is our main expertise. It has led to a unique and patented nanocoated salt suitable for high temperature thermochemical energy storage.
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The energy storage system is built upon industrial scalable components and technologies which has been used in the energy, processing and chemical industry for many decades. SaltX has tweaked the technology and applies it in a new fundamental way with a few important innovations.
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Journey to commercialization

On the road towards commercializing of SaltX energy storage technology, the company partners with companies with abundant knowledge of industrial processes and customers.
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SaltX has come far in the technology development but a few important steps need to be showcased before the product is fully commercialized. Pilots are being built and planned for in all different application areas.
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Do you have a proposal for a project?

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